If you would like to help us financially find us on venmo: @WScompost

Or paypal :

There are a lot of things we need funding for :

Building mini hoop houses for our pantry garden (video linked shows the project in progress)

Rebuilding our "3bind system" which is aging and will need a rebuild very soon

Replacing tools (choppers, bins, shovels, thermometers) and protective equipment (gloves, protective glasses, lets dream personalize aperons for the core composting group members) we use every week.

Rebuilding our rotary sifter which is curently not functioning (and seen in action here)

Making a new set of "WSCc Vonlunteer" Tee shirts for our regular volunteer

Buying seeds and components to transform our compost into the ideal seed mix, so we can prepare the next generation of pantry garden plants that will feed our neighbors.

Supplies for events and workshops including school visits and other programs.

Pie in the sky dream : a solar array to power some automatic monitoring equipment in a new bin system, to measure temperature, moisture and so on, and have the data automatically recorded!