Garden Beds Destruction

Garden beds destruction by parks department

Dear Friends,### EDIT ###

On the 12 of November 2020, less than a week after the pantry garden was partially rebuilt and replanted, the NYC Parks department decided AGAIN to pull food out of our hungry neighbors' mouths.


Today (written on 10/29/2020) the parks department decided to destroy the few garden beds already growing food for the local food pantry. They literally pulled food out of the mouths of our neighbors in need.

In this time when the lines to food pantries are getting ever longer, the few garden beds were going to bring healthy food relief to families in Western Queens.

Here is a video where you can see what the pantry garden looked like on October 4th:

And here is a video where the parks department employees are seen destroying y/our work skip to 6 min- for example, to see a bed being unceremoniously pulled out:

We are asking you for your support, by Calling and/or sending a short email to the parks department and to the Mayor's office. Please CC us @ .

Queens Commissioner of the parks department PHONE: (718) 520-5905 .

NYC Commissioner Mitchell Silver PHONE (212 360-1305

The major's office using the form on NYC's website PHONE (not publicly available for now, but a call to 311 cannot hurt)

Thank you all for your support

Here is a suggested text.


Dear Mr Mayor De Blasio', Commissioner Silver, and Commissioner Docket

I am, , a NYC resident.

Today I was informed about the shameful action perpetrated by The Parks Department : for the second time, you spend 1000's of dollars of our taxpayer's money to destruction the small pantry garden at the corner of 50th street and 39th avenue , in Queens, site of the projected Davidson playground.

As you know, since may 2020, the group has attempted to have a discussion on how to use the space for the greater good, starting with a petition (which now has over 700 signatures). This pantry garden was destined to feed people in need through local food pantries, until the Parks department is ready to break ground to build the playground. At a time of financial strain, the city budget cannot afford to waste money, for a tug of war. Your counter productive actions and mismanagement of the city resources has contributed to the ongoing suffering of families with food insecurity and those in poverty who depend on community led food pantry for their next meal.

As a resident of NYC, I am asking you to revert the damage done by your orders, and return the plants and grow beds to their original location, as well as remove the dangerously unstable fence you have erected.