Rusty Wheelbarrow Farm - Cleanup Day

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DATE: Saturday January 30th 2021.

TIME: We have shifts starting 9am, 10am, 1pm and 2pm. We plan to end the day at 4pm.

LOCATION: Behind St. Jacobus Church, at the intersection of 72nd St. and Woodside Av.

BRING: Gardening/Work gloves if you have them! (You can barrow ours if you don't)

DONATE: We need gardening tools, first aid kit, wheelbarrow (non-rusty), buckets, gloves, clippers, garbage bags, storage bins, shovels, pickaxes, wood, or saws. If you are getting rid of any of these, or know anyone that is, let us know! Or you can venmo us at @WSCompost and specify that you'd like it to be used for Rusty Wheelbarrow supplies.

More Questions?

Q: What is Rusty Wheelbarrow Farm? Is it different than the composting group?

A: Last year (2020), we at Woodside Sunnyside Composting began dedicating our compost towards growing produce for Sunnyside & Woodside's Mutual Aid's Food Pantries. Woodside Sunnyside Composting were able to grow over 450 lb of food, but we were extremely limited by a cramped and shared space. St. Jacobus, whom have been generously providing space for mutual aid efforts, found out about WSC's efforts and stepped up to offer some of their land to ramp up our efforts. We have a To start things off, we moved a truck-load of finished compost generously offered by from WSC's crew, 50th st and Barnett Av site last weekend (2020-01-23), but our goal is for this site to be an new and independent site with its own compost production.

Q: Will this be a community garden?

A: We are avoiding "community garden" to avoid the implication that there will be personal plots at this site. The entire space will be dedicated towards the collective effort of growing produce for food relief efforts.

Q: Is this a nonprofit / part of a nonprofit?

A: No. We are not a non-profit, nor currently have any official partnership with any nonprofit, nor plan for Rusty Wheelbarrow Farm to be a nonprofit. We're all just volunteers showing up when we can.

Q: I have long-term suggestions/ideas, who should I talk to?

A: We have no formal organization: if you come, you're one of us! Let's do this together!

But you can email your suggestion to

Proposed plan as of 2021-01-27.