Petition to Access Public Land

Relief during Economic crisis: Petition for Community Composting and Pantry Farm

What are we trying to achieve with our petition?

Getting access to a city owned vacant lot (photos here), to start an emergency a regenerative pantry farm/garden to grow food for our neighbors in need and distribute the food produced to food pantries like Sunnyside Mutual Aid AND an emergency composting site to relieve our compositing site hosted by the Sunnyside community garden during the hiatus of the Brown Bin Program.

After signing our petition here, please share it to your friends and family living in western queens, in particular in Woodside, Sunnyside, and LIC/Astoria.

You would like to know about our communication with the parks department ?

You can find our conversation on this page.

Want to take action ?

Check this page out to know what you can do.

If you have any questions/comments you can contact us at